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Senior HR Personnel Supervisor Human resources 1
Post responsibility:

1, responsible for the development of the company's daily rules and regulations, personnel and administrative management system, and organize the implementation, supervision, coordination, implementation.

2, according to the overall development strategy of the company, draw up the organizational structure, job responsibilities, etc., put forward rationalization proposals for the organizational structure design and personnel deployment.

3, responsible for the recruitment and reserve work of the company personnel, establish and improve the company's recruitment process and recruitment system.

4, responsible for the company's salary and welfare management work, including employee entry and exit formalities, labor contract signing, etc.

5, responsible for quarterly performance appraisal work, conduct performance appraisal, and according to the results to each department to rationalize the Department of optimization proposals.

6, responsible for the company and department training, establish training management system, the training needs analysis, courseware development, effect evaluation and other aspects of the system has mastered.

7. Other related work arranged by the company leader.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, human resources, business management and other related professional graduation.

2, there are large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions for about 3 years of human resources experience.

3. Good English skills, fluent in English and writing.

Courier express 20
Post responsibility:

1. Responsible for goods delivery and timely return of goods in the region;

2. Implement business operation process, deliver goods on time, guide customers to fill in relevant information and timely retrieve;

3. Collate and submit relevant business documents and materials;

4, customer maintenance, customer consultation processing and feedback;

5, dealing with emergencies.

Job requirements:

1, Chinese, can communicate and read and write in chinese;

2, familiar with local terrain, with the same industry experience is preferred;

3, hard-working, good character, careful and earnest work;

4, good health, no bad habits.

Hotel Reservation Clerk Tourism 3
Post responsibility:

1. responsible for answering customer calls;

2. responsible for international and domestic flight inquiries and reservations;

3. skilled use of E-TERM, Abacus and other air ticketing system;

4., invalid refund, hit single, sales report;

5. familiar with the ticket issuing process and related business skills in the air ticket industry.

6. complete the related work arranged by the superior leader.

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